CPC has become the preferred training centre for many of the region’s top sports teams. We have worked with hockey, soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball teams of nearly every age group from house league to the rep level. Our team training sessions are sport-specific, and designed to develop all areas of athletic performance including: speed, agility, strength, power and cardio-vascular endurance. As the only training centre in the region with a full, in-house team of rehabilitation clinicians including: physiotherapy, chiropractic, athletic therapy, massage therapy, and nutrition as well as a sports medicine doctor, we also ensure all of our team training programs include sport specific injury prevention exercises, core strengthening, and stretching/muscle release techniques.

Many of our athletes who sustain injuries throughout the season, conveniently book appointments for physiotherapy, chiropractic, athletic therapy, or massage therapy either directly before or after their team training sessions, which helps to maximize their recovery. Our rehab staff will make all necessary modifications to their team training program so that injured athletes who are patients of our rehab staff, can continue to participate in some way with their team rather than miss sessions due to injury. Our team training is intense and customized and our facility is unlike any other in the region. Prior to beginning the training program, our Director of Performance & Owner, Richard Karikari will meet with your team’s coaching staff to discuss key areas of weakness that need to be focused on. Our strength and conditioning coaches are all former collegiate or professional athletes who understand what it takes to maximize your team’s potential in a positive yet competitive, team-building environment.

Our team training schedule fills up quickly so please contact us early for further information or to schedule your team’s training sessions at 905.686.2249 or email us at info@completecentre.com.


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