“Don’t let that scholarship slip away…let us help you earn it and make an impact in your freshman year!”

A successful elementary and  high school athletic career is key to laying the foundation before moving on to the highly competitive college and university levels. Preparation is critical, not only to earn scholarships, but also to ensure that the college training experience doesn’t become completely overwhelming. Competing and training at a collegiate level is a whole new world compared to elementary and high school and at CPC, we know just what it takes to get you ready! Our brand new, state of the art, 52 000 sq ft training centre allows our high school athletes to have access to the very best of an integrated, multi-disciplinary team of strength and conditioning coaches, injury rehabilitation clinicians including physiotherapy, chiropractic, athletic therapy and massage therapy as well as nutrition and a sports medicine physician all under one roof to help best maximize athletic performance.

We are fully equipped with industry leading training equipment and technology unlike any other in the region. Our elementary and high school athlete training programs can be in a group setting or in customized, 1-on-1 sessions and all focus on building speed, strength, quickness, explosive power and endurance as they specifically relate to your sport. In addition, we help create better mobility and flexibility and target key stabilizing muscle groups, making your body more resilient to injury.

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