Jimmy Locquaio is a Registered Massage Therapist at the Complete Performance Centre. Jimmy graduated in 2007 from Sutherland – Chan School of Massage Therapy. Jimmy’s drive comes from his passion help people in any capacity and discovering this career was a blessing. Sutherland was a great aid in his development in his massage therapy style and technique.

Jimmy has worked with a variety of clients including MVAs, prenatal, cancer patients, sports injuries, pelvic alignment, and even just the general stress related/computer desk jobs.

Over the years Jimmy has acquired and adopted different techniques he learned from his training and other successful practitioners, then takes it a step further to enhance and make the technique his own. Jimmy always tries to investigate the actual source of pain treats the target area. He wants to see people get better and educates them on how to improve their overall physical health. His goal is to get people better in a long run.

Favourite sport: Basketball & Baseball

Favourite Workout: Lifting my baby

Favourite Food: Chicken wings & Asian food